Time and (im)patience- Things I Lost

I woke up at dawn as a pair or fishermen started shouting from the shores, as they were wont to. The contagious celebratory air that infects people on Fridays was not to be felt today.

Before I tell you about such trivialities as what I had for breakfast, please take my word that I shall try and keep those mundane details to myself. I shall not, however, fail to mention them if in their course, or because of them something very important happens. You shall learn, by and by, things I consider very important!

That said, this morning and on the previous daybreaks that found be here, breakfast consisted of barely sweetened instant coffee and biscuits.

The sea was rough. There was a little storm that had started to build since the early morning hours. I had heard how unfriendly the lake could sometimes be but never thought I’d see on this lake waves as huge as appeared from the distant corner of the shores. The romantic thoughts of boat journeys that entertained themselves in my weak mind for years faded fast. That together with my impatience were reduced to serious forebodings and doubts on my sanity for still waiting to cross such furious bloodthirsty monster as this lake, for I would have been hopelessly tempted to ride those waters if they decided to cross now.

Amid the wind and the restless waters hungry for things to sink, I heard the drone of an engine, or imagined I did for not until an hour later, at around one o’clock did I see two motorboats. They stopped at the shore and the reluctant, hydrophobic passengers sluggishly alighted to join us where we sat at the lodge. It was a group of middle aged Italians described as “bad-looking” by a genius little boy that played beside me with his friends.

This is the group that had hired our boat to Central Islands. Thoughtlessly inconvenienced us but probably saved our lives too. They came in to wait for the lake to calm down.

It eventually did and the boats left. I confirmed that I and some other villagers that had hoped to cross the lake today were better off hoping for more realistic things like peace in the Middle East by nightfall. If I did not make it the following day on saturday, I swore to myself that this whole business was going to be put off until after retirement age when would be happy to lose time, money, sanity, hope, humor and battery charge. For now, I had only lost patience and I was determined to hold on to the rest of the items in this list.

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