Lake Music

By and by, I arrived at the lakeside town and crossed over to a once very beautiful but now derelict lodge outside which I was to wait for the boats going my way.

“You just missed the last one”, they said. I’ll get someone else going that way, I thought- always in naïve denial, then piled my stuff near a good collecting place in case some motorboat came along and necessitated quick boarding.

The shimmering Jade Sea seduced my sweaty, tired body with its warm waters. I have lately decided with a few caveats that temptations -and especially seductions- that do good to one’s body shall not require exaggerated ethics and propriety. So I took a dip that lasted a good part of the rest of the afternoon until sunset.

I shall spare you, my friends, of pleasures to be found in warm fresh waters, of the truly vain sights of and thoughts upon beholdig young, shining Turkana women swimming topless, and shrieking with girly laughters a few meters away, of the friendly little children overcome with curiosity at the braided hair of a grown man unable to swim well or utter a word of Turkana, or of a sense of timelessness. I shall however try and tell you of the truly orgasmic scene of the sunset at the lake.

The yellow disk hovers brightly over the lake’s horizon. It then ripens into an orange giant whereupon the seagulls and a host of other birds crescendo in a mixed and excited chorus and fly in it’s direction. It then dips slowly amid this beautiful symphony of birds’s melodies, the clever percussion of gentle waves at the crashing at the shores, the chorus of innocence played upon happy children, the only baritone from a shouting fisherman who has a giant fish in his catch, and hear the finale, a bare-chested mother cooing her baby as she bathes it in the shallow waters.

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2 Responses to Lake Music

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the description of the sunset 🙂

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