Waiting For Tomorrow

Monday was spent tying a few loose ends, to use that obnoxious cliché, in my packing list and testing the loaded bike.

There are a few things I don’t like. The bike feels heavier on the right side, which is a mystery seeing as I took obsessive care trying to balance weight on my two rear panniers. There will be some adjustments to be made.

So, the guy that was to facilitate my journey across the lake is a Kenya Wildlife Service officer returning from the holidays. We were to meet when he arrived in Lodwar on monday, 3rd of January and afterwards I’d hitch a ride on his boat at the lakeside town, Kalokol. He did not arrive. He is coming in today. That would mean that we’ll be leaving on Wednesday.

So in the meantime, I’ll try not to think too much about a beautiful girl I’m leaving behind, or miss our strolls after sunset, or hate myself for not having her good sense of responsibility, or regret the joys I’d miss from her small beautiful body, or laugh about witty things she said, or a hundred more pleasures to be found in her company.

I guess I’ll just walk the dog and brush his coat. I’m going to miss him too. (But I shall not miss turning my house into one big urinal. He pees on anything that’s upright and I can imagine what his devil is whispering to him at that time- “there’s the bedroom door; what a perfect place to do it tonight after he sleeps!” or “The fridge! What a wonderful upright thing to raise your leg on! How come we never discovered that before? This is going to be fun!” And such devilish thoughts).

Then for a long time, I’ll just wait.

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One Response to Waiting For Tomorrow

  1. Carol says:

    Love your storos, but this girl you left behind…………. why didn’t you go with her? And your dog??? When are you thinking of publishing your novel?

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