Zeroth Chapter

My online past has been for the most part anonymous. My personality has, however and unfortunately followed all my cyberspace names, aliases, handles. As have most of my opinions that have, again for the most occassions, been against the grain, the popular, the easy route.

Not quite anonymous in that respect maybe and perhaps someone who’d be willing would quite easily fish out all of my names by using a few rules that I have unconsciously followed consistently. However, I am glad and always rest with the reassurance that no one would undertake such a boring, pointless, unprofiting endeavour. Not even the quite irate site administrators that have banned me from their sites a million times for throwing in an expletive here and there in a perfectly good-natured manner, and for exaggeration. I don’t hold it against them, by the way but I think they might have showed a little kinder disposition towards an idealist.

And so this is the continuing story of an idealist who is happy to be angry. Angry sometimes at people who I would never have socialized with in the first place but with whom I’m made to spend time in varying circumstances for different reasons. For example, the truly idiotic person that ambushes people on secular internet forums with bigoted and quite intolerant quasi-religious rebukes, threats, judgements on a range of issues that they would have done better to keep themselves out of and so they get e-slapped or e-buttkicked hard but won’t learn. Or workmates that are for most of the time my seniors, and even when I never contest the sad fact that I’m answerable to them they still are always either lecturing me on the roles of junior officers, or issuing redundant, nonsensical, mundane orders, or forwarding (RE-forwarding!) e-mails from senior management that everyone got, and other people of that sort.

So, I think that I need a break from this monotonous and perpetual foul mood. I’m going on a cycling tour to Ethiopia (which is the main reason I’ve started this blog BTW). Starting point is Lodwar town.

Lodwar is a fairly large town in northern Kenya lying about 60km from Lake Turkana (also called The Jade Sea or Lake Rudolf). It’s about 500m above sea level- these are loose facts; don’t quote them in your research paper- with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. It’s what you’d call in a nice alliteration Forever Fucking hot. I still don’t know what people were thinking settling in this place; it has vipers and scorpions and 50,000,000,000,003 different obnoxious, biting, stinging, stinking bugs. Why would anyone want to live here?

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